Ornamental Metal Department

Select Painting & Construction, Inc. - C23 Ornamental Metal Contractor

Select Painting & Construction, Inc. is a licensed C23 ornamental metal contractor.  We perform all fabrication in house at our shop at the Select Painting headquarters.  Our highly experienced welders perform installation and have education on all proper codes. 

We start our metal projects by inspecting the metal in question and providing an estimate for any repairs or replacement needed as well as painting.  Our estimates list all specific areas where repairs are needed and the amount of repairs needed along with pictures of areas of concerns.  Estimates include specifications for metal that will be used including sizes and gauges. 

Once we receive an approved proposal, we are able to schedule the work to be performed.  We complete all the repairs and replacement needed.  Then prepare, prime and paint. 

Our expertise in repairs, replacement and painting ensures you will have the best quality and longest lasting product.  We are able to provide warranty on our projects as well as offer maintenance programs to ensure the longest lasting quality product.  

Quality from start to finish

Inspecting Fences for Damaged Areas

Rust and damaged areas in need of replacement.

Taking Pictures of Areas of Concern

Rust found and bottom rail covered in soil causing damage to fencing. 

Fabricate Panels in Shop

Fabricate panels in shop as needed before installation. 

Installation of New Fences and Repairs On Site

Correctly, precisely and neatly weld repairs on jobsite.  

Prime fences prior and after installation

New fence panels are primed prior to installation and then all fences are prepared, primed and painted on site after installation. Rust inhibiting primer is used to prevent rust on existing fences.  

Complete by Proper Painting of Fences

Proper preparation, priming and painting of fences using the proper products will ensure a long lasting project.