Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What services do Select Painting & Construction offer?

Exterior painting of Homeowners Associations and commercial buildings.  Exterior wood replacement including replacement of exterior wood surfaces, doors etc.  The ornamental metal department fabricates, installs, repairs and replaces wrought iron / metal fences and gates. 

What is the difference between thorough wood replacement estimate and visual estimates?

Visual estimates are free of charge and based on what we are able to see from the ground without poking and inspecting all areas in detail.  We always highly recommend thorough wood replacement estimates, as we take the time to poke, inspect and touch the wood to be able to provide a more detailed estimate of the extent of wood replacement that is able to be seen. Thorough estimates are billed per the time to perform the estimate and subtracted from the end of the project if awarded the contract. This helps to prevent the need for many change orders.

When do you need to hire a licensed contractor for wood replacement?

Any wood replacement project over $500.00 requires a license in that field.  Select Painting & Construction has their B1 general building contractor license that legally qualifies them to do wood replacement over $500.00.  They also have their C33 painting as well as their C23 ornamental metal licenses. 

What is the benefit of retrieving specifications from a paint manufacturer?

All paint manufacturers can provide paint specifications for a painting project in order to ensure that all contractors bidding on a project are bidding per the same specifications. The paint manufacturer can also then check and ensure the contractor that is awarded the contract, follows the paint specifications throughout the project during site visits. 

Does Select Painting & Construction perform work for individual homeowners?

Unfortunately, Select Painting & Construction does not perform work for individual homeowners, unless it is through the HOA or management company or if we are working at the association for the HOA.  We work very hard to ensure we can provide the best quality and service for HOA's and that is why we specialize in this industry. 

How do I prepare for a fence project?

Before any fence projects can begin, any vegetation or chicken wire must be removed from the fences.  We require an 8inch clearance to ensure we are able to perform the best quality for repairs, replacement and painting.  Also don't forget to adjust your sprinklers to ensure they do not hit your fences on a regular basis as this can cause deterioration.  

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