Reconstruction Department

Select Painting and Construction, Inc. - B1 General Contractor

Select Painting & Construction, Inc. is a licensed B1 general contractor.  We specialize in reconstruction needs of Homeowners Associations.   Some of these needs include: wood repairs and replacement on all exterior surfaces of buildings, door replacement, and drywall repairs. 

All reconstruction projects including wood replacement over $500.00 requires a licensed general contractor.  Select Painting & Construction, Inc. takes pride in being able to take care of your associations reconstruction needs and painting needs by being licensed in both of these fields.  

Every project starts with a visual or thorough inspection for wood replacement or repairs needed.  Then we provide a written estimate with pictures of areas of concern.  It specifies what repairs/replacement are needed including where these areas are located.  Once an estimate has been approved, we begin the replacement process.  We ensure all wood being replacement is primed on all 6 sides.  This is a crucial detail to create a long lasting product. 

Select Painting & Construction, Inc. applies and retrieves permits if needed for projects. 

Quality from Start to Finish

Inspection of Wood Repairs

Inspecting and writing detailed reports of repairs needed. 

Prime new wood on all (6) sides prior to installation

We start with purchasing the right product for the job and then priming all (6) sides prior to installation. 

Replace areas as needed

Finally we replace all areas needed.  If hidden damage is found during a project, we provide association a new report of the damage found so we can ensure every project is completed thoroughly and correctly.